Cap Badges Collection
This intriguing and unique collection of cap badges from both military civil and ancillary services is gradually and carefully being curated and shared on the web to help anyone with an interest or a connection to one or more of these cap badges…

It is going to take a while and we are both mapping back to where the units were based wherever possible.Cap badges are word with pride and can in old photographs reveal a lot about where your family members may have served what they did and what would have filled a large part of their lives… If you have an old photograph with a cap badge featured we will do our best to help so just contact us and see if you can make your own intriguing connections….for your family history or tree or particular area of interest in local, military or specialist collection rojects.

This project is part one of the new Intriguing Connections projects being launch at WDYTYA Live at Olympia London  in Feb 2012. If you would like to know more then get a preview and come meet us.

Recent Additions to Military and Service Cap Badges Collection
A Jumble of Cap Badges…

A jumble of unidentified military cap badges is a challenge to the novice collector [more]

Identify Crowns on Military Cap Badges

Use the crowns on military cap badges as an initial guide to date the badge [more]

If you are looking to identify on a uuiusiusdusiudu [more]

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The military cap badge of the reconnaissance Corps, added to the intriguing collection of cap badges[more]

Find out about the history of the Yeomanry Units in the British Army and see if you can find connect[more]

Military cap badge for the Royal East Middlesex Militia 1874 - 1881 Related posts: Cap Badge Royal[more]

Military cap badge of the Army Chaplaincy Department, part of our military cap badge collection Rela[more]

Military cap badge of the Army Chaplaincy Department, part of our military cap badge collection Rela[more]

This is a test post only by AJRM please ignore. thanks [more]

What a fascinating history relating to the cap badge of the Long Range Desert Group 1940 - 45 Relate[more]

Cap badge of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1939 - 1947 part of the military cap badge collection[more]

Military cap badge of the Parachute Regiment, find out how it makes up part of the intriguing collec[more]

Map of Cap Badges and related featured articles
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